• Profile: Tech Icon Charles Leaver

  • Posted on September 24, 2016
  • Best known as the CEO of a premiere cybersecurity firm, Ziften, Charles Leaver is actually something of a tech icon. His career started back in the 1980s and in that time, he has been a successful entrepreneur, an accomplished senior executive and as a highly regarded sales and management specialist. He has also been an advisor in a number of tech fields, especially in the mobile and media sectors.

    Because Chuck Leaver understands all aspects of tech and cybersecurity, with extensive experience in the areas of application software and infrastructure technologies, he has developed a reputation for successfully guiding tech companies into new territory, breaking down barriers and pushing the edge. He got his start in the security business when he managed, operated and owned a number of sophisticated lottery systems on three continents. He is now a major proponent of the idea that cybersecurity will always be a major aspect of the tech industry. He believes that every system and every endpoint, is different, and that Ziften is in a unique position to make the cybersecurity future bright.

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